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We are your full service provider

Plug & Play SAP solutions: faster to use, lower costs, less IT effort, more flexibility, maximum future viability.

As an SAP service provider and long-term certified SAP partner, we develop needs-oriented and efficient Add-Ons.


Place your trust in the cost-efficient and powerful SAP RE-FX solutions from COS 33.

COS 33 GmbH is a reliable and trustworthy SAP Partner. We have been committed to real estate programming and SAP RE-FX since 1997.

From our home-based in Switzerland, we provide our customers worldwide innovative solutions that provide simplifications, increased efficiency, and significant comfort.

Our Add-Ons, and our new SAP Cloud-based app, are a genuine example of our company strategy.

  • Our Vision

    The real value from SAP RE-FX comes from a perfect adaptation to your needs. To save money and time, we believe companies should customize using standardized Add-On solutions.

  • Our Mission

    We provide ready-to-install-and-run solutions for RE-FX that allow for immediate access to additional functions and can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Enjoy our Swiss Quality

Our core values:

Ethical - Honesty and integrity are our main brand attributes
Close to you - Always on your side as your success is our focus
User comfort - Simplicity brings comfort
Customer-oriented - We integrate flexibility with efficiency


Our SAP RE-FX customers


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