Periodic Sales reports process

This Add-On automates and simplifies the collecting of the periodic sales reports for the sales-based rent contracts.

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CS 320 Simplify RE-FX Sales Reporting with SAP Cloud

This solution based on the SAP Cloud automates and simplifies the process of collecting the periodic sales reports for your sales-based rent contracts.Integrating your tenants into the data entry process means that the sales figures will be updated automatically and instantly in the sales contract.

As a result, you will be able to invoice faster and speed up your cash flow. Your Sales-Based Rent Accelerator is ready to run in your SAP RE-FX environment.


Your benefits by using the Add-On CS 320

  • POS (Point-of-Sales) Integration is supported
  • The tenants enter their sales on the Internet
  • The sales figures are updated automatically in the real estate contract without any user intervention
  • You invoice your sales-based rent contracts faster
  • The outcome: You improve your cash flow

Our references speak for themselves.

Pascal Anello, SAP RE-FX Senior Expert Consultant

"As an SAP cloud application, the CS 320 add-on includes many functions for recording sales from sales leases as well as notifications and reminders for the tenant. Thanks to the flexibility of the settings, we have succeeded in implementing the requirements of the SCC. In this way, we were able to introduce a very stable solution in the shortest possible time"


Christophe Schicklin, Leiter Controlling & Systeme, Immobilien Basel-Stadt

"Wir waren erstaunt, dass die Lösung so rasch umgesetzt und einsetzbar war"


Laurent Finet, CIO of SCC - Paris

"The CS 320 convinced us because it treats the sales figures with absolute confidentiality and saves them directly in SAP RE-FX via a secure connection to the SAP cloud"


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