Transfer / Copy of Real Estate Master Data

This solution permit the copy of real estate master data to a new company code or from an external system...


CS 340 SAP RE-FX Cockpit: Data-Transfer and S/4HANA Migration

This Add-On enables efficient and secure processing in a single transaction:

  • Copy RE-FX master data from usage objects and architectural objects as a whole or in parts.
  • Lease contracts under US GAAP / IFRS 16 ASC 842 can also be processed.
  • Data transfer or reassignment can occur both within the same system and from an external system.
  • During takeover, company code, business entity, and architectural objects can be reclassified.
  • Efficient and secure migration of RE-FX data from SAP ECC to S/4HANA is possible.
  • Mapping rules for reclassifications of single fields can be defined if needed for in activities.
  • The cockpit approach provides comfort in all activities.

The transfer or migration process is simple in three steps:
1. Select the source system and master data.
2. Simulate data transfer or migration and adjust mapping rules if necessary.
3. Execute data transfer or migration in real-time.

The CS 340 Cockpit offers unparalleled comfort and support in completing the procedures.


Your benefits by using the Add-On CS 340

  • A simple and efficient solution, as all activities are carried out in a single transaction.
  • Data transfers are possible within the same system or from an external RE-FX system.
  • A simulation mode allows you to verify data processing.
  • All RE-FX master data is processed: business entity, properties, buildings, rental objects, participation groups, settlement units, lease-in contract, lease-out contract, lease Contract Valuation US GAAP / IFRS16 ASC 842, architectural objects.
  • Adjustments of conditions and sales based rent settlement can be incorporated.
  • A framework for data mapping is included in this Add-On.
  • For auditability, the entire data processing activity is logged in a protocol.
  • Installing this Add-On is straightforward: simply import our transport request, and then you can start the transfer or migration.

Our references speak for themselves.

Victor Rojas López, SAP Application Manager

"COS-33 has the solution for our problems! Our SAP RE-FX platform has to be adapted to the actual fast changing Spanish Real Estate environment. COS-33 provided us with the tools we needed to have the changes done in our SAP. Serge has a deep knowledge in RE-FX and with his expertise and advise we were able to fulfill the needs of our business"


Christophe Schicklin, Leiter Controlling & Systeme, Immobilien Basel-Stadt

"Die Lösung entspricht unseren Bedürfnissen vollumfänglich und hat uns einen enormen manuellen Änderungsaufwand erspart. Ausserdem ist die Anwendung einfach zu bedienen und bietet eine komfortable Übersicht über die Änderung der Geschäftspartner zu Immobilienobjekten"


Maria Teresa Conzález Florez, Real Estate Management Coordinator

"This Add-On is a helpful tool to copy REM master data and contracts from one company to another, quick, trustable and user friendly. An investment for saving time and resources!"


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